Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Top Tips For Home Decorating

The time may have come to move into a brand new home or you might have decided to have a total revamp. Many become sick of the dull and convenient look that might have been quickly placed as you moved in. Improving your home is always beneficial. It will make you and your family feel happier walking into an inviting space that would be proud to host the next family get together.

Another positive to decorating comes when putting the house up for sale. Having a freshly decorated home and the smell of baking in the kitchen are not just myths to helping sell faster! They go hand in hand in making a home more appealing to potential buyers. As they wander round you will see them picturing their lives in what could be their future home. Of course these are two very different situations, so depending on what is happening in your life there are some things to take into consideration.

If you are someone who is in the first one and has decided to decorate their new home or re-do the home you can see yourself living in long term, you can get a bit more personal with the design. You may have an out there personality that you want to splash across the walls and all over the furniture, so whoever enters the house knows it is totally yours.

If the second option is your situation and want to redecorate but the house you live in will only be a short term thing, you will want to tone down the design. Not everyone tastes are the same, and of course you do not want to make every room in the house magnolia and cream. However working around these simple colours, then adding dashes of pinks or blues, is a fantastic choice. Once a buyer has moved in they could simply change these accent colours to greens and oranges if that is to their taste. Or if they wish to totally re-do then going over light plain colours will be a much simpler task. Always try to appeal to a wider range of personalities and you will be on to a winner.

Whichever way you look at things, decorating a house can be a lot of fun. Of course effort and hard work is required but once you see everything coming together it will all be worth it. Picking out your favourite wallpaper designs, paint pots, cushions, ornaments, the list is just endless! You could even create some colour boards and cut up bits of material and pictures from catalogues and online and stick them together to get a feel of what you want to aim for. Enjoy decorating your house and create a perfect space to call home.

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