Thursday, March 15, 2012

For the Love of Birds

One of life's joys for me is seeing nature up close, and incorporating it into my everyday life, through décor. Birds have always held great fascination for me from the time I was a small child. My poor father forever had to bury any unfortunate bird caught up in the fruit tree protective netting--if I saw it first. I'm sure many a bird was otherwise disposed of without much ceremony, if he happened upon it before I could witness its demise.

In décor, birds have long been a favorite subject in ancient prints all over the globe, and they have been translated into elegant wall coverings and sculptures. It will come as no surprise to readers to learn that I have many small vignettes around my home with a bird theme. You can see them by visiting my Facebook business page or go to my web site.

When using a large collection of your favorite objects, you will find more interest by breaking them into smaller vignettes around the house, and they can be changed seasonally. By using smaller vignettes you will be less inclined to tire of them, and it will be easier to clean around them. Using a couple of small pieces from a collection can add a surprising impact in color and texture to a room or small space.

Naturally, décor is not confined to the indoors, and being able to enjoy clay, cement and metal sculptures outside is an added joy. Feeding birds and providing a safe place, as well as water for them will encourage them to entertain you and perhaps your pets, for hours.

Bird sculptures in a garden are as natural as color is to flowers. The garden often allows for a bit more felicity in the use of such objects, especially if your home style doesn't allow for such whimsy. Color and style can be used with greater abandon outside and a sense of surprise is always welcome in a garden. Wild birds do not seem to mind their effigies used in such a manner, and can produce much happiness in small children.

Using plants is a natural environment for wildlife, especially birds, so you might think of tucking a small ceramic bird or a nest among your potted plants inside and outside your home.

My collection of birds almost has no bounds, I have wooden, ceramic, glass, metal and feather covered birds, mostly gifts from friends. All these treasures have special meaning and fond memories. Etchings in pen and ink are another way to express my love of the avian species; I have framed some prints from old books, and mixed them with landscapes and other scenes. I always marvel at how the stroke of a pen or brush can capture one of nature's most amazing creatures.

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