Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where Can I Locate an Indoor Water Feature in My Home?

When Frank Lloyd Wright built a weekend retreat home on top of a rushing stream in rural Pennsylvania it created a sensation, and ever since then "Falling Water" has become an inspiration for millions of people who sought out ways to bring flowing water features into their homes. Bringing flowing water features into the home connects us with nature and brings us peace, serenity, quietude. They create a visual spectacle and impart a calming effect upon all who enter.

A thoughtfully positioned indoor water feature can act as a natural room humidifier making the air in any room healthier to breathe. It can also generate soothing sounds of splashing, cascading water that surprises and delights children. You can almost hear the tranquility emanating from the piece as it adds charm, beauty, and grace to interior living spaces. One very common choice for those who crave the sound of flowing water inside their home is a waterfall installation, enjoyed the world over, especially for the endless pulse of energy it symbolizes.

Once you have decided to bring flowing water into your home, you next need to decide where to locate your new indoor water feature. The foyer is an interesting place to install a flowing water piece because that area of a house commonly features hardwood or tile floor surfaces that possess appealing acoustic properties that differ from most other areas of the house. If you are a student or follower of Asian philosophy, and the power of Qi energy is important to you, then you surely want to take into consideration the ancient Chinese discipline of feng shui when positioning and orienting your new water feature. This means that you should consider placing your unit as close as you can to your front door.

If you should instead desire to situate your indoor fountain or water wall in the living room in order to bring tranquility into that space, then you should choose the north side of that room which is according to the principles of feng shui associated with career success. The next best choice would be the southeast area of the room. Today, many people are choosing to make one room the centrepiece of their home, and in that room they like to make an indoor water fountain the centrepiece of that room. If you choose to pursue this line of thinking, then you will want to make sure that after you locate your piece in a way that nothing can obscure it. Make sure that anyone can see it from any point in the room. If there will be furniture in that room, then you should consider arranging the furniture pieces in a circle or semi-circle configuration around the piece.

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