Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spice Up Your Kitchen With Tough, Yet Elegant Wall Tiles

The most common way of decorating and protecting your kitchen walls is by resorting to Ceramic tiles. The logic is simple. Ceramic is very resistant to common wear or tear esp. in the backsplash and countertop area. They will easily last for several years. This durability is critical as changing them is not as easy as changing a wall hanging or rearranging the living room furniture. But just ensure that you do not choose the kind of commonplace pattern or colour that you would tire of seeing soon. This shouldn't happen as home decorators are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to ceramic. They come in such color combinations and highlight unique designs and patterns suited for the kitchen. Until some years ago, we couldn't think of any design for our kitchen walls other than a few cute-looking fruits or vegetable paintings. But there is no limit to the creativity used by home decorators today. For example, one unique idea is to create the effect of a Colonial window in the backsplash area with a combination of multi-colored ceramic and natural stone tiles.

Furthermore, Ceramic absorbs more water than the vitrified tiles and the glaze makes them resistant to a certain extent. But the problem is that it is not meant to bear weight or heavy frames and the glaze on outside is not exactly resistant to scratches or heavy abrasion.

But thankfully technology has smart answers for this and kitchen tiles today are manufactured to be used in the same way as natural stones like marbles or granite. The products we get today don't change shape and show great resistance when exposed to high or changing temperatures. What a blessing is this property in a place like the kitchen! Also, these tough tiles are designed to be bull-nosed at the edges like hard stone, again reducing the occurrence of damage in the heavy-traffic corner areas of the kitchen.

The greatest boon for the housekeeper is that ceramic does not stain easily. All it takes is a wet mopping cloth to promptly remove anything that has been accidentally spluttered on walls. Even the everyday mess created by sauces, hot liquids and hot oil can be easily cleaned up with liquid cleaners. The only thing to be avoided during cleaning is abrasive pads or steel wool. It easily damages their surfaces.

Kitchen tile designs also come in Porcelain and Glass. While these look very upscale and attractive, remember that they are fragile and make sure that they are used as visual interest points and not mounted in the heavy-duty areas.

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