Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tips for Effective Color Blocking

Fashion is known as an international love. It is not only prominent in its very own industry, but fashion has translated among industries and cultures. Many furniture trends have come from the fashion world, including the now popular trend known as color blocking. Homes around the globe are taking up this vibrant look in living rooms, home offices and bedrooms rather than sticking with older neutral and traditional colors.

Color blocking can be fun and it is a sure way a person can refresh their home and bring it more energy into a room. Using two or more of the brighter colors is a good rule when it comes to color blocking and a piece of vividly colored furniture can make a massive difference in the look of a room. Color blocking furniture and fabrics is something that started out as a typical fad but has grown into something that has overwhelmed the entire world.

The question everyone asks is, how will color blocking work for me? The answer is the same as it is with your wardrobe. A person can study colors and pick ones that go hand-in-hand together to create their idea look, whether it is bold and lively or understated with a pop of color.

The colors that you choose when painting the walls using a color blocking technique will have to be bold, but how you display them can vary. You may have neutrals in the room with an accent wall in a bright color, or even paint geometric designs in different colors.

Color blocking doesn't have to be all about wall paint. Furniture, pillows and even wall decorations are perfect for getting some practice in for blocking. The same principles work here, as you take a good combination of colors and make sure that you scatter them around the room with furniture. You can use painted framed paper or fabrics when putting color the walls against neutral background and then back it up using a bright rug. The important thing to remember is that furniture makes the interior design of your home even more complex and interesting, so choose fabrics and colors wisely.

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